1: Visit historic pubs like The Churchill Arms for the best Guinness in London.

2: Look for a rich, creamy head and a dark, velvety body to spot a good Guinness.

3: For an authentic Irish pub experience, try The Auld Shillelagh in Stoke Newington.

4: Avoid bars with old kegs or dusty tap lines to steer clear of a bad Guinness.

5: The Princess Louise in Holborn is praised for its perfectly poured pints.

6: Check the date on the keg and glass cleanliness for a fresh Guinness.

7: Experience the lively atmosphere at Porterhouse in Covent Garden for a great pint.

8: Avoid bars that pour Guinness too quickly or with too much foam.

9: Venture to The Toucan in Soho for a cozy spot with excellent Guinness.