1: NCIS Spinoff Starring Tony and Ziva Exciting news for NCIS fans Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo return Paramount orders new spinoff series

2: 4 Surprising Cameos We Hope Speculating on guest appearances Excitement for potential familiar faces Tony and Ziva's world expanding

3: Michael Weatherly's Return Tony DiNozzo is back Fans thrilled for Weatherly's comeback Chemistry still strong with Cote de Pablo

4: Cote de Pablo as Ziva The return of Ziva David Iconic character makes a comeback Fans eagerly anticipate her storyline

5: Expectations for the Spinoff Anticipating new adventures Tony and Ziva's next chapter What surprises await in the spinoff series?

6: Guest Cameo Wishlist Dreaming of familiar faces Which NCIS characters will appear? Hoping for unexpected surprises

7: Excitement for NCIS Spinoff Fans buzzing for new series Long-awaited reunion for Tony and Ziva Anticipating drama and action

8: Paramount's Bold Move Network takes a chance on spinoff Investing in fan-favorite characters Excitement builds for new series

9: Tony and Ziva Forever Fan loyalty to iconic couple Rooting for their happily ever after The legacy of NCIS continues with their spinoff