1: Google Pixel 8a vs Samsung Galaxy A35 - A showdown of budget phones.

2: Design comparison - sleek Pixel 8a or trendy Galaxy A35?

3: Camera battle - Pixel 8a with amazing photography or A35 with stunning shots?

4: Performance face-off - Google's smooth Pixel 8a or Samsung's powerful A35?

5: Display quality - Pixel 8a's vibrant screen or Galaxy A35's crisp visuals?

6: Battery life test - Pixel 8a's long-lasting charge or A35's quick power?

7: Software comparison - Pixel 8a's pure Android or A35's feature-packed UI?

8: Price comparison - Google's value-for-money Pixel 8a or Samsung's affordable A35?

9: Verdict - which budget phone emerges victorious? Google Pixel 8a or Samsung Galaxy A35?