1: "Google Pixel 8a vs Pixel 8: What to Expect"

2: "Design: Pixel 8a's Budget-Friendly Look vs Pixel 8's Premium Finish"

3: "Display: Pixel 8a's LCD Screen vs Pixel 8's OLED Display"

4: "Performance: Pixel 8a's Snapdragon 7 Series vs Pixel 8's Snapdragon 8 Series"

5: "Camera: Pixel 8a's Single Lens vs Pixel 8's Dual Lens Setup"

6: "Battery Life: Pixel 8a's Longevity vs Pixel 8's Fast Charging"

7: "Price: Pixel 8a's Affordable Option vs Pixel 8's Flagship Price"

8: "Features: Pixel 8a's Basic Functions vs Pixel 8's Cutting-Edge Technology"

9: "Conclusion: Choosing Between Pixel 8a and Pixel 8"