1: Diwali in India - Experience the dazzling lights and fireworks during this joyous Hindu festival.

2: Thanksgiving in the United States - Enjoy a feast with family and friends to give thanks for blessings.

3: Christmas in Germany - Delight in the festive markets and traditional carol singing.

4: Hanukkah in Israel - Commemorate the miracle of the oil with candle lighting and potato latkes.

5: Lunar New Year in China - Welcome the new year with dragon dances and red envelope gifts.

6: Day of the Dead in Mexico - Honor deceased loved ones with colorful altars and sugar skulls.

7: Vesak in Sri Lanka - Celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha with lanterns and meditation.

8: Carnival in Brazil - Dance to samba music and marvel at the elaborate costumes during this lively festival.

9: Ramadan in Saudi Arabia - Fast from sunrise to sunset and break the fast with a communal meal.