1: "David Ayer, known for gritty war films, could revamp Expendables. Jason Statham fits in perfectly."

2: "Statham's action hero chops align with Ayer's intense style. Fans would love this remake."

3: "Ayer's signature direction plus Statham's charisma equals box office success."

4: "The Expendables franchise could use a fresh take from Ayer and Statham."

5: "Statham's star power and Ayer's vision make for a winning combo."

6: "Imagine Statham leading a team of elite soldiers in an Ayer-directed Expendables reboot."

7: "Fans clamor for Statham to step into the Expendables universe under Ayer's helm."

8: "Statham embodies the tough, no-nonsense characters Ayer is known for."

9: "Ayer and Statham collaborating on an Expendables remake is a match made in action movie heaven."